Tuesday 21 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Vision Boards

Manifesting. Abundance. Vision Boards.

Making vision boards are so much fun. 

Allowing ourselves to dream, with out boundaries, allows us to open up our creativity.

Once we take the boundaries away, our creativity opens up and we allow ourselves to dream big.

It is not our job to worry how we manifest what is on our dream board.  It is just our job to believe that it can become a reality.

When making a dream board, make it on cardboard or a book that is pleasing to the eye, something you will love to look at. Cut out pictures of what you would love to experience, or own, or achieve.

Once we find those beautiful pictures, we can pop them on our dream board, or a vision book. Maybe google pictures, or type up sayings, or find memes that resonate, and use photos of those close to you.  Before you know it you have a stunning piece of your forward vision of your life.

Pop it somewhere where you will see it often, you might not look consciously at it everyday but your unconscious is taking note.

And also it is an amazing life skill to teach our kids, open their minds to endless possibilities, not self doubt and self limiting beliefs.

And then make a new one again in six months time, or when you feel you need to review it, you will be amazed that you start creating the things that are on the vision board, especially those that are inline with your values and true calling in life.

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