Sunday 19 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Meditation

 Manifesting. Abundance and Meditation

As we go through our busy days, how do we ever get back to our creative self? With a minefield of chores to do in a day, how do we ever how time to relax, really relax.

Year after year of working hard, we tend to run on automatic pilot like a hamster on a hamsters wheel, when do we have time to stop?

And if we don't stop and recalibrate and rest, how do we expect our bodies to keep going?

Our bodies keep count of how we thrash them, use them, over work them, ignore the signals to stop and rest.  Our body gets tired and then starts to create illness.  The patterns continue and then we can get used to living in dis-ease. 

All the while our bodies and mind are simply needing a rest.

Meditation is a way to allow your body to rest. People often say to me 

*I don't have time for that, if your health packs up the first thing you make is time to fix the problem, we can be pro-active.

*I cant relax, I need to be doing something, that through process is worth digging deep into the patterns around that, being busy all the time is often a trauma response, don't stop and think it wont hurt.

*when I try to meditate my mind wanders, it is like anything you practice until you master the skill.

When we allow ourselves to go into a meditative state, our body can truly rest, our mind can truly rest, our heart rate will come down, our blood pressure can regulate.

But mostly this is where your creative self can come out. It is where thoughts and feelings can flash past you, when your mind and body are quite, you can often find solutions to problems, you can generate options to things happening in your life, you can get clarity. You see glimpses of your dreams and goals and even figure ways to get to them, flashes of what you need to do.

Some times people say to me that they are not into the woo woo stuff, then happily go to the doctor to get medications for anxiety and depression, where if we start listening to our mind and body earlier, and their urgent signals for us to rest, we might be able to avoid some of that.

When our health fails, we have to make time and put up with whatever that brings us.  If we can figure a way to honour our body and mind and let them rest, we might head of problems before they start.

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