Wednesday 15 December 2021

Manifesting. Abundance. Comfort zones


Manifesting. Abundance. Comfort zone

A lot of the time we are our own worst enemy. We actually get in our own way. Our unconscious automatic beliefs that we run can keep us safe in our comfort zone.

If we are happy doing what we are doing, then that is great, no need to do anything more, but if we feel like we are destined for more, there will come a time when we need to go outside our comfort zone.

That comfort zone is so safe and secure. I know I lived in a small one for a long time. The secret to making it bigger, is merely testing yourself to go out by doing small things that you wouldn't normally do.

Like any muscle, we don't just go full out and expect results that first day, but we do small activities everyday that end up making a huge difference.

I know that once I had a belief that going outside my comfort zone was safe, I began to play a mental game with myself, where I would just challenge myself to stay outside my comfort zone for longer and it became fun. That fun game I played for months, then became a flip I made in my story. I then craved things that were outside my comfort zone.

Being in our comfort zone can also keep us safe but stuck as well. If we feel like we have bigger dreams and goals, we probably wont find them in our current comfort zone.

So, if your goals are bigger than your current comfort zone, I encourage you do one thing today that just pushes you a little, and then do the same each day, until those small things become Childs play and you want to challenge yourself and go bigger and bigger.

The more we go out of our comfort zone, the more things open up to us, there are more opportunities that we didn't see before. The more opportunities that open up to us, the more occasions will arise to leave your comfort zone. Our next level of learning for ourselves sits outside our current comfort zone.

So if this resonates, I challenge you to do one thing that takes you outside of your comfort zone, let the expanding begin, let the new learnings begin and let those AMAZING opportunities that you are destined for present themselves x 

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