Thursday 16 December 2021

Manifest. Abundance. Morning Rituals

How we start our day, tends to frame up our day.

We can leave it all to chance and see how the day pans out with the mood we are in or ...
We can become more deliberate in our actions.
We have all probably had that day where we didn't get much sleep, we got up grumpy, we spilled our coffee, got to work late and on and on. What if our first thoughts were, here we go again, and at that point we switched it up.
Gratitude is such an amazing way of switching up how we feel.
If we waked up tired, we can feel robbed of sleep, grumpy, worried how we will get through the day. If we continue to project that negativity then we will attract it, and so our day will go on like that.
If as soon as we notice those negative thoughts come in, like, I am so tired, and then flip that to, I am so grateful to have a bed and somewhere safe to sleep, we are activating the positivity.
If we choose to look for negatives, we will also find them.
If we choose to look for positive, we will also always find them.
So we are at a point of choice always.
We all have negative things happen, but it comes down to how strong we have built that muscle of resilience to deal with it.
This is why morning rituals can be so helpful.
No matter what went on the day before, or during the night, you can choose as soon as you notice the negativity, to flip it. Think of five things immediately that you are truly grateful for.

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