Monday 9 January 2023

Don't fit in ...

 Have you ever felt the struggle?

I remember at school being the one who just couldn't sit still and couldn't concentrate. I also remember the times of being embarrased because I simply didn't get what was going on.

My mind was active and I got bored really easily and for the most part it went against me.

When I learned about ADHD I actually thought I had it.

Staying in the mainstream way of thinking, it seems to be a huge negative. Flipping from job to job as I simply got bored.

Even when I developed a passion for learning after leaving school, I wanted to study everything and fast, otherwise I got bored.

One day the penny dropped that my personality had nothing wrong with it, it was simply the way my brain processed. I liked to have many things on the go. Sometimes people say what are you on? Where does all the energy come from? It is just the way my brain is, and it took a while but I learnt the skill of mastering my own brain and getting the best out of it. I learnt my strengths.

Often we think we are alone on some of the journeys we go on in life, but there is a big wide world out there, and believe it not, there are people just like me and just like you out there.

When I started my online business and hooked into the community, it was like coming home. I found a place where difference was celebrated and it was a pure common goal is see each other achieve. 

I look back now and which I hadn't been so hard on myself, although mainstream life teaches us a lot of those limiting beliefs.

To be part of a community that are pure with their intent, and so super focused on their own personal development and encourages others, well ... that is just something else ... it was like coming home when I joined this group.

My fear of the economic downturn while the pandemic made its way around, prompted me to look further a field in what I was doing. All of a sudden, everything we knew looked different, the world we knew was radically different, the security we believed we had was in some parts shattered.

With a huge desire to not just survive these times but to thrive, I searched for opportunities in the online space, because the pandemic had actually shown us that a lot of work can be done online.

I jumped in on a Masterclass and never looked back. My belief in myself grew, who cared about labels of what I might have, this group is pure in intent to empower. And they offered the solution to the problem I had and that was how do I make sure our family thrive in the economic down turn that the world felt.

Last week we ran a similar Masterclass that I saw, showing people that there are other ways of working for yourself, being your own brand, earning online, creating the time freedom that I for one crave with my family.

For a limited time this epic Masterclass replay is available. 

Message me and I will pop you the link for the facebook group.

We can all feel like we don't fit, that we are not clever enough, that life is hard ...

but we can also flip that, take back our power, search for what we deserve and take action.

There is nothing to lose ... a 90 minute powerful Masterclass on how we can create our own online business, while remaining authentic to ourselves and values.

They say you become the sum of the 5 people you are around the most, I want those to be epic people, life is too short.

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