Tuesday 24 January 2023

Teaching people to set up online business & personal branding

 You know what I love is teaching people how to build an online business.  It is such a passion of mine, there are other ways of earning.   Today I saw the news about the traffic jam on the motorway that I would normally travel, so grateful I was not stuck in it.  Then while having an amazing 3 day weekend, commissions landed in my account.  

And now today, I do what I love, teaching others how to uplevel to a mindset of abundance and not scarcity.  This is where I choose to spend my time as this is my zone of genius.  We all have creativity in us, we all have a zone of genius, but often we spend time sitting in toxic office atmostpheres, working for companies that dont value us or dont align with our values  or sitting in ques of traffic and that zaps our creativity and belief that things could be better.

Today I get to work all over the world on zoom, because this is what I want to do.  Maybe you have a calling to do something different.  Online businesses do take work, they are not all scams, but they can be built in pockets of your time. You can choose to dip your feet in and have a look, or go all in !!

The other thing I love about my online business, is my community, an amazing group of people who are backing you and are behind you to succeed. Supporting each other.  

If you want to know more, click on my link in the comments. Some will think it is a scam, thats ok, keep scrolling, I dont do scams.

Some may think it is not for them, thats ok too. Some may think they don't have time, thats ok too,

some more think,   

it is time,

it is time to search out for something better.

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