Monday 18 May 2020

You deserve high energy.

Good morning.

Mixed emotions today as the kids went back to school. I am going to miss them, but they need some normality and 
I'm picking there will be a

lot of catching up and socialising. .

So this morning it got me thinking about energy levels. Many times people have said I am lucky to have a high energy level. It's not always been like that.

Over the years I have done lots of work on energy. Clearing out the stuff that weighs us down.

Here's my 5 step guide to high energy

1. Eat well and drink lots of water

2. Have enough sleep. Regular bedtimes.

3. Exercise..anything...just get moving.

4. Be grateful. Look for the positives.

5. Bust any of those self limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

Have a super day and if you decide today is the day you want to work on that belief system
PM me it might be the most empowering thing you do.

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