Friday 8 May 2020

Resilence - the key skill to get us through anything

Often when I am doing personal development myself or have caught myself in training for work-related professional development, the question comes up, what do you think is the most valuable skill we need?

I always put my hand up and say resilience.

Resilence enables us to travel through the storm, resilience through adversity teaches us to first cope, manage, survive, and then it transpires into another skill that we have learned. That skill we can use in the future.

One of the things I am always interested in is when someone is hit so hard in life for whatever reason, their story of coming back from that and moving on, often to go on to help others.

Along my journey, I have met such a Resilient lady called Donna-Leigh Perfect. Her story of survival from domestic abuse is unbelievable, and her resilience to go out into the world and help others has become her passion.

I will be doing a series of interviews with Donna-Leigh about her story and then her incredible journey to helping others.

Details to follow, this is an interview not to be missed.

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