Friday 15 May 2020

Let me share 3 Stress Tips for you...

Good Morning,
If you are feeling stressed, this post might be useful for you.
I would like to share with you 3 stress strategies.
1. Write your stresses down. You might think how can that help? Writing things down seems to tell your mind that you are listening. When we write things down, we can then manage our minds better rather than going over and over things. If we have written our stresses down, when the stress comes back into our mind, we can stop that thought and tell our mind, stop, we are dealing with that.
2. The things that you have written down, think about each one. Is it your stress or are you carrying someone else's stuff? Stresses can be left with their rightful owners
Is what is stressing you, something you can do anything about?
If you can do something about what is stressing you, make a commitment to do something about it today. What is one thing that you could do so your mind knows you have got this sorted?
3. If something really big is stressing you and it feels overwhelming, allow yourself some time to think about it. A useful tip is to block out some time to worry. Maybe give yourself half an hour a day to think about what is overwhelming you. Honour those feelings, don't sweep them under the carpet as they will probably come back to visit you when you least expect it. 
Make sure you time these sessions, and when the time is up, get up, change your physiology and do something different. That way you have honoured your feelings but also put a firm boundary in so you can get on with the other things you need to do, without having the overwhelm follow you around. This might take practice, and you might need more or less time, or you might need to do it several times in the day.

Go well,

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