Wednesday 6 May 2020

Postnatal Depression - Mumma take care

For most people having a baby is a great time.

For some it is not, maybe it wasn't planned, maybe they are scared.

Maybe they are being triggered by their past.

Maybe the are not in an ideal relationship or environment.

Maybe our pregnancy wasn't as great as we thought it was going to be.

Maybe our birth wasn't great.

Maybe being a mum shocked us, it wasn't what we thought.

Maybe we have suffered depression before.

There are lots of reasons why we can fall into a depression after pregnancy.

It is a huge change of life.

Our hormones are all over the place, our head is everywhere, and then there is this person who demands us all day and night long.

They demand every single part of us.

We become exhausted, sleep deprived, second guessing everything we are doing.

We stay home as it is too hard to go out.

Sometimes we suffer in silence.

You are not alone. Having a baby is such a massive change to our lives, our bodies and our minds. There is no time to get used to all of this, as we have a dependant baby that needs us all the time.

What can we do?

Be kind to ourselves, it is not our fault for the way we are feeling.

Seek some support, who is the best person you can get support from. Is it a friend or family member? who is the person who will understand your situation the most.

Make an appointment with the doctor and go and have a chat. There is NO stigma around post natal depression, you are not failing.

Talk to your midwife when she visits or rings.

Talk to your Plunket nurse when she visits or  call Plunket and have a chat 0800 933 922

There is Pregnancy Counselling Services which is a free service. 0800030985

See if you can join a support group. I know I did, and it was great. It wasn't nice reaching out for help but once I did it, I felt like I was with people who understand. Maybe you can join a Facebook group where you can get some support.

You can join our support group run by mothers who had suffered severe post natal depression.

Facebook Group. Postnatal depression to the life you deserve

Keep talking, keep telling someone how you feel.

If you cant cope, ring someone to help you.

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