Thursday, 17 June 2021

Effective communication

 We can all agree that communication is key, but it sometimes goes wrong.

I remember thinking I was great at communicating until I did an NLP course 15 odd years ago. 
I had quite an awakening and realised that I wasn't that great at communicating at all. I probably liked
to tell people my story and my version of things, according to my model of the world.
Since then I have made it one of my personal development learnings for myself to continue to up
level myself around communication. Effective communication is key.
In business this can be so damaging, if you get communication wrong. 
Here are three tips.
1. Think about what it is your want to communicate. What message are you trying to get across to
2. What mindset are you in? Have you had a bad morning and feeling ticked off? If so, it is probably
not a good time to start communicating something important to someone.
3.What mindset are they in? Is it possible you need to think about your timing,  your pitch to them, so
you can build maximum rapport so you can smoothly get your message across.
Communication is key and it can either enhance or damage relationships.

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