Wednesday 16 June 2021

Someone asked me today what I actually do?
I said I go with the flow and what ever takes my fancy.
Today I had a wonderful day out with family, opp shopping, breakfast out, visited friends, it was lovely.
Then I came home and did a few hours on my online adventure.
I listened to a podcast about how we put ceilings on what we feel we are entitled to in life,
What if there was no ceiling, what if you could just go after whatever it was you dreamed of?
What if you tried something out and hated it, you still tried it out and now you know it is not for you.
What if you tried something out and it was the pivotal thing that changed your life, that would be pretty cool.
As long as we sit in our comfort zone the same result will follow, we grow outside our comfort zone.
and when you think about it, who set the rules on what we can and cant achieve in our lives...usually the rules we work to in life are those imposed on us by others, and if we never challenge them, then in effect we are living by someone else's rules.
I am looking for someone who is keen to go out of their comfort zone and potentially rewrite the rules of success.
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