Monday 8 May 2023

Future pacing - accelerate your online business success. Life Success Coach

 Today I did my future pacing video.  These videos are easy to do and transport you to the future. They are fun as the video is showing you your potential.

I know what I want to achieve in the next 30 days, so today I did my future pacing video that I will watch every day.

It is a video that I made, that transports into the future as if I have already achieved my goal.

By using your five seasons you can log into your body and mind a feeling of what achieving that goal might be like, even before you have achieved.  

Run that vision through your five senses.

What would it look like to achieve your goal? What would your face/expressions look like? What would other people be saying? How would it feel? Can you smell anything in that goal, that sweet smell of success or maybe you can taste something.  What do you hear around you?

Once you have gone through the vision, imagine you can take a photo of it, and keep it, let you mind file it away somewhere safe, so you can look at the photo in your mind daily.

By doing this, your mind and body have already bought into the experience of achieving this goal.

This is a super way to do personal growth and an exciting way to grow a business. 

I choose to work in an online business with a super community, that has a platform that teaches so many ways, tips, tricks and strategies of being authentically you while building an online business.

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Have a super day x

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