Thursday 25 May 2023

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Previously I have talked about values, intuition and living life the way you should that is best for you. We all get so busy in life, and we go from day to day, just getting the things done we need to, to survive. We go off to work, kids to school, kids to sports, family commitments, friends and on and on..How many times do we stop and think about our purpose in life.. and if we know our purpose, how many of us live true to it? When we know our purpose, and live accordingly, life flows so much easier.

Remember a time, if you can when your life flowed with energy and excitement. You may have been at work, but it was like play. You felt as though you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing just what you were meant to do. You were surrounded with just the right people. You had an unshakeable understanding of your own worth. You trusted yourself. You were having fun and, didn't care what others thought. There was no room in your life for anxiety or self-doubt. Every part of your life was in harmony with the other parts. You were living fully in the present moment, and had a sense of optimism, an expectation that tomorrow is going to be just as interesting and gratifying as today. Life seemed full of vivid colours. Your own life was the most interesting you knew and couldn't wait to see what happened next. You accepted yourself for who you are, and couldn't care less what others thought. You were full of pride and walked with a sense of pride. You weren't sure what the future would bring, but you knew you could handle it.

Does that all sound too good to be true? If so, you are not living according to your values and your purpose in life. Living life against these things is very de-energizing. It leaves us with a low self-worth. Take time out to think about your values, your vision for your life, your purpose in life... Life will be a whole lot more satisfying when you figure it all out.

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