Monday 19 June 2023

Relationships - Life Success Coach

 A true relationship is one with yourself. We are constantly searching for happiness externally,but give little thought about our internal happiness. If you cant commit to looking after yourself and being honest to youself, then you will attract those people in you life, who arent honest and are not comitted to you.

Your outside world is a reflection of your inner mind.

Whatever is going on in the outside world of you, it is refecting what is going on for you in your own life. If life is chaos, and people are letting you down, or not treating you well, you need to look inside and see how you are letting yourself down and in which ways you arent treating yourself well. The people we attract into our lives are mirrors of ourselves. The people who we love to have in our lives, will have similair qualities to us.

Your outside world is a reflection of your inner mind, that includes the relationships you have as well. External relationships are reflections of your relationship you have with yourself.

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