Thursday 8 June 2023

What does success look like to you? Life Success Coach

 hen we talk about success each one of us has our own ideas that come to mind. In my workshops over the years, I have done many brainstorms with people and results have always varied. Here are some ideas of other people's meanings of success. Money, nice house, nice car, Bach, nice thing, health, happiness and contentment. Sometimes we can try and reach for what we believe success to be and when we get there, there is a feeling of emptiness.

 We are conditioned all of life with messages about what success is. You just need to look at TV advertising and magazines advertising, you will soon see how bombarded with messages directly and subliminally. Direct messages are the ones that get you right away. The subliminal messages are those directed straight to your unconscious mind, that is the advertising that is getting planted into your mind. Advertising companies are clever enough to know how to get you at every single level so they can sell their product.

As with everything in life, you need to live by your values. Values are what you believe to be true about life, they are the rules you live by, and you will defend your values to the bitter end. So therefore, it makes sense to make your meaning of success tie in with your values. If you are striving towards being successful financially and you are not seeing your family as much while you are doing that, it is self-defeating. The guilt of not seeing your family and working many hours under the disguise that it is good for the family can only be counterproductive and cause problems. 

We all need money to live on and life is pretty awful if there isn't enough money, but it does all come down to balance. People often take good health, family and friends for granted. When you start adding up your success in life, look outside the square, and move away from the thought of financial success. Those who take their health for granted soon figure out it was a mistake when their health packs up, and that money can't buy it back.

Look at your life and think of all the things to be grateful for, you can even keep a gratitude book. I am sure many things you come up with will not be about money. It is good to have goals, and always be looking for how you can move yourself forward. Have value goals, that is, things you are aiming for that are in tune with what you value in life. Don't worry about what the Jones's are doing, it is really irrelevant to your life. Often people think money is the answer to everything. If i had money I could...... and the list could go on forever. It is what you think that money will buy you that is more important. It might be a holiday, and that might turn into going away with people you care about. It could be a nice house and come down to being about providing a nice place for your family. 

Make sure you understand what your goals are and why they are important to you. And if you don't have any goals in mind, think of something you could aim towards, tomorrow is always a new day, and out mental health needs to be moving towards something positive.

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