Thursday 1 June 2023

Your intuition is always right - Life Success Coach

Some people say to me that they were quite intuitive, but they have lost it, or the other extreme that they don't have an intuitive bone in their body.

We are all intuitive, we all have those feelings that lead us to do, or not do things, sometimes we are aware of our actions and sometimes we are not. Life is so busy and sometimes we forget to listen to that voice in our head that might be telling us something useful. It might even be a feeling that you get about something or someone. For our intuition to work well, we need to quite our minds. We are so busy running from one thing to the next that a lot of us don't take time to be by ourselves, or if we do we fill our time up with more things to do. Intuitive thoughts and feelings are always present, it just depends how busy you are and if you are listening to your intuition at work.

You might be around someone and have a good feeling about them or the opposite, a bad feeling about them. It might be that you are going to do something, or going out somewhere and your gut feeling is telling you not to go or that you must go. Intuition is always around you; it gets lost in us being too logical about things. You might get a feeling to do something, but because it is not logical or something that you would normally do, you would dismiss it. As you begin to work with your intuition and see results that the thoughts you have are true and helpful, you will learn to trust your intuition and stop and even check in with yourself before doing things. 

Learning to trust your intuition is a helpful life skill. Going along with a gut feeling can save problems later. As your trust in your gut feeling gets stronger, so will your self-esteem. If you truly believe what you are doing is right, then you will have the self-esteem to act on your intuition regardless of what others think.

 Decision making can be a big issue for some people. Some will make wrong decision after wrong decision and sometimes that can lead to not making any decisions, because if you don't decide then you can't be responsible for the outcome if its not right. When we make decisions, we can check in with our body, about what feels right. If you are about to make a decision and you have butterflies in your stomach, a dry mouth, or a racing heart, you might be going down the wrong track. As simple as that sounds, we can be that busy in life that we don't feel those sensations. If you make a decision based on your intuition you will find you won't have any negative physical reactions, instead the decision will sit well with you, and you will feel content.

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