Wednesday 7 June 2023

The power of positive people - Life Success Coach Online business

I hope that you have had a good week, I am sure you have. Let's talk about the power of positive people.

Being a 'Success Coach", I am often asked about success, and what I consider the keys of success to be. One of the main ones I would say, would be, surround yourself with likeminded, positive people. 

As we begin our day, we have so much energy that needs to last us the whole day. Have you ever had one of those experiences, when you chat to someone, and it's all doom and gloom, and prior to the conversation you felt positive, and as the conversation with the person unfolds, you tend to feel rather deflated as you talk to them? Also, because it is natural response to want to be in rapport with people, we tend to talk about things they want to talk about, and before we know it, we have fallen into some negative talk ourselves ad a very negative conversation.

Start to become aware of the people you mix with, the ones that drag you down, and start to limit your time with them. If you have a great idea and you want to share it with someone, tell a positive person, who will be supportive. Sometimes though, negative people, do have a good purpose, and that is, if you are flushing out a new idea, they will be happy to point out the negatives for you. This can be great feedback, as sometimes they might point out something you haven't thought of, that maybe you should have thought of. 

Apart from that, I don't see too many other uses for negativity. Surround yourself with likeminded people, become aware of how you speak to others, and how you speak about yourself to others, become aware of the people around you, if you have lots of negative people around, ask yourself "why are you letting them into your life"? If you have lots of positive people, well done, as they will keep your energy levels up when your energy is flagging, and likewise, you will keep their energy levels up when they are flagging.

And sometimes life deals us things that aren't that great, but look for the positive, the evets of life are dealt out to us, sometimes beyond our control, however we can control our reaction to those events.

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