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Millennials wanting to create a high profit online business

Baby boomers who want to move away from traditional work

Sick of 9 to 5 work

Burnt out mammas, there are other ways to create income while being with your kids

Over the years I have run many courses and workshops.  I love it, the connections, watching people grow into the people they were destined to be,  and I have always wanted to help change more peoples lives, so I am now working on a range of new online courses.

Sometimes it is easier to reach out for an online course, it can tick many of the boxes as we busily go along doing all the other things we need to do in our lives. Our brains are most happy when we are striving forward, we are learning new things every day, so why not make some of those learnings part of your own personal development, that can help propel you to the next level of your life.

 Dream Board Workshops

A "Slice of Inspiration" Workshop - Part Two

We had so much fun delivering this workshop as well. Have a look through our photos. Our skits are about values and the different personalities traits we might have.

Comments after the workshop.
Fantastic, lots of learning.
When is the next workshop?
Loving the new learning.
Enjoyed the skits and can really relate.
I learned a lot about personality types and why we do what we do.

Are you in the Auckland area and wanting a workshop that will empower your community project or are you an employer wanting to empower your staff?  Email now and book your tailor made workshop so the people around you can feel empowered and learn new skills and feel positive about moving towards their desired goals.  


A "Slice of Inspiration" Workshop - Part One

Have a look through and enjoy our photos from our skits that featured in our 
 "Slice Of Inspiration" Workshop. The skits are about our the journey of life. 

Also we did an amazing skit on Baggage.

Comments from our workshop

"That was so enjoyable, and there was so much learning"
"You two are an awesome team teaching"
"The skits were fantastic"
"When is your next workshop? Book me in."
"Thank you for teaching us new skills"
"So simple, but so effective"
"I would like to book a workshop with you"

Current Workshops

Optimist Club - Ongoing

Optimistic Chicks - Group - Ongoing

Leadership Program Mentor - Sports - Ongoing

Individual Mentor Program

Mentor Coach for Life Coaching Academy Coaches

Past Workshops

A "Slice of Inspiration" Part Two

Conscious/Unconscious Programs
Personality Types

A "Slice of Inspiration" Workshop - Part One

Time & Stress Management
Feeling & Looking great

8 week Success Coaching Night School.

This included Life Coaching Skills and NLP skills, covering:
    - Values
    - Communication
    - Self Esteem
    - Self Limiting/Self Empowering Beliefs
    - Time Management
    - Stress Management
    - Balance
    - Our own meaning of success.

4 week Advanced Success Coaching Night School.

Metaprograms, Spiral Dynamics (NLP)

Self Esteem course for Children Workshop

Self Esteem workshop for Women Workshop

Self Empowerment Workshop for Women - Courageous Women

Finding a Balance in a Busy World Workshop

"Get a Life"  Aspirations workshop   Work/Life Balance

MOTV8N to help Christchurch Workshops - after the devastating 2011 Earthquake

Workshop for Amputee Society

Goal Setting Workshops at primary/intermediate school

Stress & Time Management - School for Primary/Intermediate Teachers

Exhibitor at "Six Sense Expo" 2 day show

Exhibitor at "Visionary Living" 3 day show

Dream Board Workshop 2016, 2017, 2018

Have a wonderful, inspirational day

Kim McNamara
Life Coaching
Success Coaching
Motivation to Succeed Coaching

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